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Daviess County Library

Library Policies

Guidelines and code of conduct for the library


March 25, 2022

Retired, long-time library director, Jan Johnson, stated, “A program at PLA (Public Library Association) promoted getting rid of all policies and dealing with each issue as it comes up, using common sense.  Every situation is different and needs to be dealt with individually.” She believed that policies protect both staff and patron and should empower staff to use discretion. This was very wise counsel then and now, and hopefully, this document accomplishes that goal.

Guidance from professional organizations such as the American Library Association (ALA), Association of Rural and Small Libraries (ARSL), Public Library Association (PLA), Missouri Public Library Directors’ (MPLD)legal counsel, and the Office of the Secretary of the State of Missouri’s State Librarian are regularly reviewed, consulted and deliberated in order to provide our patrons and staff with the best and safest service.

The policies in this manual are all living and breathing entities. Technology changes faster than documents can be reviewed and refined. Because of this phenomenon, Daviess County Library’s policies are continually reviewed and updated by the library board after recommendation of the library director. 

Comments and concerns are welcome. It is you, patrons and staff of Daviess County Library, who ultimately guide this ship!


Elizabeth S Plotner, Library Director, 2019-present

Daviess County Library Policy Manuals (A & B)

Some specific policies:

Loans/Special Cards/Renewals/Fines

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Freedom to Read

Patron Behavior Policy

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