Library Board Meeting


The board met in the Johnson Conference Room at the main library.

Present: Daren Adkins, Shonna Morrison, Kelvina Hobbs, and Director Allison Spidle.Mary Jarboe and Gregg Hartley were absent.

Daren called the meeting to order. Allison presented her director's report.  Upcoming events include 7th grade poetry contest and NASA@mylibrary essay contest.  NASA events were well received and well attended.  The Eclipse viewing at the courthouse was well attended, too.  We are estimating 600 or more people attended. The community worked well together and a good cross section was represented.  We will be in-servicing at the schools about the e-cards soon.  Summer reading program numbers were up possibly due to new partnerships, better advertising, more promotion at the circulation desk and better prizes.  IRA decision needs to be made next month, details will be together then.  We are working on replacing lights that are out outside and fixing the fence.

No citizens were present for the open hearing to set the levy. Kelvina moved to set the levy at .1829 and Shonna seconded the motion which passed unanimously.  The hearing notice was published in the Gallatin North Missourian and Tri-County weekly papers the week prior to the board meeting.  The hearing notice was posted in two places in the library on August 10 and remained posted until August 25th.

The board examined the bills. Shonna moved to pay the bills, and Kelvina seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.  There were questions and a lengthy discussion  related to 2.5 hours unforseen overtime pay for Amy and sick/vacation time usage for Elizabeth who resigned her position as assistant director effective August 22nd. Allison will gather the data to support what has been paid/granted regarding Elizabeth’s sick/vacation time and present at next meeting.  Allison and the board agree there is a need to update and clarify the personnel policies. Allison attended an HR seminar and said she planned to save this discussion for a near future meeting.

The board examined the minutes from the July 25, 2017 meeting. Shonna moved that the minutes be approved as read. Kelvina seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

NEW Business

The next regular meeting will be held at 4 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 19, 2017  at the Gallatin library.  Future regularly scheduled meeting dates will be the third Tuesday of the month at 4pm.

Kelvina moved that the meeting be adjourned, and Shonna seconded the motion, which passed unanimously.

The preceding is a summary and not the official minutes, which will be read, amended as necessary, and approved at the next regular meeting.

Shonna Morrison